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We, Mego Afek A.C. Ltd and its affiliate (hereinafter: "we" or "our" or "us" or "Mego") operate our website at the address (hereinafter: the "Site") intended to provide users with information about us and the services we render.

We consider the privacy of the Site’s users as extremely valuable. Therefore, we have decided to publish the Privacy Policy according to which the Site will act and be conducted (hereinafter: the "Privacy Policy"). It should be emphasized that by your entry to the Site you express your approval to the terms specified in the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, including your consent to the collection and processing of your personal information. If you do not agree to any term of the Terms of Use or this Policy, do not enter the Site or use it in any way whatsoever.

The terms included in this Privacy Policy will have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms of Use at the following link: ________ unless otherwise mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Please note that the use of the Site is intended for users over the age of 18 only. If you are under that age, you may not use the Site unless one of your parents (or a guardian in charge of you) has given their approval and consent to this entire Privacy Policy.

For any inquiry and/or question relating to the information we collect and/or your privacy, please contact us by phone, email or regular mail.

Our contact details are as follows:

 Itay Jacob | VP Sales & Marketing

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 Address: Kibbutz Afek 3004200, Israel


Use of the Site means that personal and non-personal information about you will reach Mego.

Non-personal information means the overt information that is available to us when you use the Site. This information is anonymous, technical, general and statistical, which is not personally identified with the user, and such information relates to the user's conduct (activity at the Site, type of browser, type of pages read, through which sites was the Site entered, etc.). We receive the general information of your entry to the Site and use thereof. We know when you have entered the Site and may record information relating to your use of the Site. This information serves for the Site’s development and improvement as well as for statistical and research purposes.

The personal information includes all the elements of information identified with you personally as provided by you, such as: your name, your address, etc. (hereinafter: the "Personal Information").

We would like to request you to provide us with Personal Information inter alia, for the following purposes (1) to enable you to use the Contact Service; (2) to receive general information about your location for information security and market segmentation purposes; (3) to connect you with a nearby authorized distributor; (4) to respond to your inquiries.

On entering our Site you provide your IP address according to the network or the device you are using. Collection of this information is for security purposes as well as improvement of Site browsing.

The Personal Information we would like you to provide us, of you own free will, is: (1) First name and family name; (2) email address; (3) you may add your telephone number; (4) if you wish to locate a nearby authorized distributor, you will also be required to provide your address. Such information given by you willingly will be collected by us.

Please note! You are not obligated to provide details you are not interested in providing, and the details you forward to us are given under your consent and of your own free will, to enable us to provide you with the services offered at the Site. You further agree that should you not provide such details, it will not enable Mego to contact you through the Site.

Retention and Use of the Information

The Information is collected by us independently or by suppliers whose services we've hired.

Your Information will be retained on our secured servers, which are located within the State of Israel, and will not generally be stored outside the Israeli borders. Nevertheless, there are third-party suppliers who receive the Information from us for the purpose of providing you with certain services and in order to follow-up and improve our service. Such third parties who receive the Information from us may be located outside the State of Israel in a country where the level of privacy protection and information security laws may be different from their level in Israel.

Delivery of Information to Third Parties

Mego will not deliver to third parties your personal details and the information collected on your Site activity except in the following cases: (1) To comply with legal requirements including by government orders and requests of disclosure; (2) If we are obligated to do so under law, permit, court order, or if you have violated one or more of the Site's Terms of Use and/or this Privacy Policy; (3) In case of a dispute between you and Mego requiring the disclosure of your details, including, inter alia: claim, contention, demand or legal proceedings; (4) If we receive a notice from third parties, or have reasonable cause to suspect, that you have used or intends to use the Site, fully or partly, to engage in or try to engage in or solicit others to be engaged in illegal, infringing, harmful or otherwise immoral activity contrary to public policy;; (5) In case of our merger with a third party or acquisition by a third party, fully or partly, and/or engagement in any other way with a third party for the purpose of a proposal and/or sale of our assets and proprietary rights, in whole or in part; (6) Whenever the operation of the Site’s management is transferred to another or additional legal entity, or arranged within another site, where the transfer of Information is required for the Site's continued operation –Mego will be entitled to transfer a copy of the Information collected about you at the Site or any statistical Information it holds, provided that the Privacy Policy provisions are upheld by any such party to which the Information is transferred. Thus, inter alia, in case of company merger or sale, or consolidation of the Site's activity with that of another site, etc.; (7) you have given your prior written consent to such disclosure.


The Site may use Cookies or other technologies for the Site's current operation, including for the collection of statistical data, for information security purposes, and adaptation of the Site to your personal preferences. Browsing and using the Site form consent on your part that Mego or anyone on its behalf may monitor and track the entire activity at the Site including, inter alia, by using Cookies or other advanced-technology means.

Please note – modern browsers allow avoidance of receiving Cookies by changing their definitions. You may change your browser's definitions to avoid getting Cookies. However, please note that such change may affect Mego's capability of adapting the Site to your personal preferences and as a result your experience is likely to be limited.

Social Networks

The Site may include features of social networks (such as "Like" and "Share" of Facebook and/or LinkedIn and/or other social networks). These features are operated or enable integration with social networks. Said social networks and any similar platform are the property of and managed by third parties that are unrelated to Mego and Mego has no connection with them. Should you choose to use the features of these social networks, such use will be subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the relevant social network or platform. You need to read and understand the terms of use and privacy policy of these social networks in order to know what information has been collected about you and your option to change your privacy definitions included therein, and the meaning of using the social feature. You acknowledge and agree that Mego is not liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused (or allegedly caused) in connection with or as a result of using those sites or platforms.


When you click on links at the Site, you may be referred outside the Site. The moment you are referred outside our Site, this Privacy Policy between you and us will discontinue. We are not liable for the policy privacy of other websites, and recommend that you read their own privacy declarations in order to understand which information about you is being collected by other sites, for what purpose and in which country the information collected by them is stored .You acknowledge and agree that Mego is not liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused (or allegedly caused) in connection with or as a result of using those links and/or sites or platforms.

Information Security

Mego applies acceptable precautionary measures to secure the Information in its possession under applicable law. However, it should be emphasized that the Information at the Site cannot be fully protected, as in other sites of its type, and you acknowledge and agree that we have no liability for any unauthorized access, its implications and any damage caused and/or which is likely to be caused to you.

Third Party Services

As a general rule, suppliers which are third parties from whom we receive services, collect and use your Information only at the extent required to enable them to carry out the services they provide us. Nevertheless, our service providers have their own privacy policies concerning the Information we are required to provide to them.

We use the services of such third parties who receive your email address from us in order to provide you with our direct mailing service and tailor the service to you personally.

We recommend and encourage you to read the privacy policies of the third parties who render services to us and have privacy policies, to better understand the method in which your personal Information is handled by such suppliers. It should be emphasized that, to our knowledge, the Information we deliver to third party suppliers is kept confidential and secured by such third parties.

Please keep in mind that these suppliers may be located in a different jurisdiction from where you and we are found. Therefore, if you choose to receive from us the services involved in the services of third-party suppliers, your Information may be subject to the laws/jurisdictions where the relevant service suppliers or their facilities are located.

We comply with information security rules under applicable law, follow them and take any precaution required to protect the Information, and demand the same level of information security from third parties we work with as well. However, we cannot guarantee one hundred percent the protection and information security practiced by the third parties to which we relay the Information, and you hereby exempt us from any liability, waive any claim and/or cause and/or complaint resulting from violation, incorrect use, misuse and/or damages caused to you or to the Information as a result of an action taken by third parties in relation to the Information.

Data Transfer outside your jurisdiction

We may transfer Information collected about you, including Personal Information, also to related parties and suppliers in other countries which are not under your jurisdiction, including countries where there are different laws regarding information protection and privacy protection, and you agree to such transfer.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

We preserve our right to change this Privacy Policy any time and at our sole discretion. Therefore, please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications in the Privacy Policy will enter into force immediately on being published on the Site. If there are fundamental changes to this Policy, a notice to that effect will be posted on the Site's homepage. Continued use you make of the Site after the date of the last update indicated will form your consent to be bound by such changes. In case we are obligated to change the provisions of the Privacy Policy to comply with legal requirements, such changes will enter into force immediately or as required by law.

Questions and Contact Information

If you wish to review the Information about you stored in our database, or if you wish to amend or delete Information we have about you, please submit a suitable application, or if you only require additional information, please contact us through the details indicated at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.


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