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Mego Afek AC Ltd. is an international medical device company that improves the quality of life of patients around the world. The company is a global, industry leader in the development and production of multidisciplinary medical devices for over 40 years!

We offer a variety of career options in the field of industry and invite you to join an established organization, in a green and pleasant work environment.

The company is located at Kibbutz Afek.

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V&V Engineer

Job Description: 

A verification & validation engineer is required for a multidisciplinary medical device R&D team. The position includes full responsibility for testing medical device products including software and system testing. Job includes writing test protocols and producing test reports.

  • Design, write and execute system test protocols for multidisciplinary medical device.
  • Write and execute software test procedures
  • Design and execute component verification tests
  • Document testing activities and produce written reports
  • Participate and lead in departmental tasks that include problem solving and root cause analysis
  • Support V&V activities with external labs (medical device safety and environment labs)

Job Requirements:

- Experience of 2 years or more as V&V engineer (can be also student position) – a must

- Experience with software testing – a must

- Ability to write testing protocols and reports in English – a must

- Experience in the medical device industry – an advantage

- Experience with testing multidisciplinary systems – an advantage

- Prior work in a regulated environment, following development standards and processes – an advantage

- Education: Biomedical engineering degree or equivalent

Required Skills:

- Proven analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills

- Fluent writing skills in English

- Team player: friendly and motivated

- Highly organized methodological and Meticulous

*The position does not include remote work and requires 100% availability in Mego Afek facility

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