Mr. Barak Hoffer  CEO

Mr. Barak Hoffer

B.Sc Electronic Engineering, MBA

joined the company in 2019. As the CEO, he is responsible for global strategic, operational and performance matters of the company. Barak brings with him vast technical and business experience, including the leading of teams, and growth strategies in global healthcare companies, including GE Healthcare and Carestream. Prior to joining Mego Afek, Barak served as CEO of an Israeli X-ray company.

Ms. Linda Kogut  CFO

Ms. Linda Kogut

BA Economics & Accounting, CPA certificate

Linda has joined the Finance department in 2017 and today she is  responsible for all financial  affairs of Mego Afek and its subsidiary, Lympha Press USA. Linda has 20 years of experience in various executive financial roles in Deloitte, Israel Electricity Company and Motorad.

Mr. Itay Jacob VP Sales & Marketing

Mr. Itay Jacob
VP Sales & Marketing

B.A  Health System Management, MBA

joined the company in 2020 as a strengthening force, following our sales growth around the globe. Prior to joining Mego Afek,  Itay was VP Sales  & Marketing at Rimed Ltd, and VP Sales and Business Development at Allium Medical, an International Sales Manager at Mennen medical/MTRE. He has more than 15 years of experience in the medical field in Sales & Marketing, and also founded his own international marketing agency, supplying innovating marketing solutions.

Mr. Gilad Kent VP Research & Development

Mr. Gilad Kent
VP Research & Development

B.Sc Computer Science, MBA

joined the company in 2011 and is the R&D Manager since 2014 , responsible for the development of medical devices, innovation and project management. Gilad has over 15 years of hands-on R&D and extensive project management experience.

Mr. Ran Hamish  VP Operations

Mr. Ran Hamish
VP Operations

B.Sc Mechanical Engineering,
M.E. System Engineering

joined the company in 2019. As the VP Operations, he is responsible for devices and garments production lines, production engineering, purchasing, logistics and infrastructure. Ran brings with him over 20 years of experience, most of them in Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. In his recent positions he managed an R&D department and served as a multi-disciplinary project manager.

Mr. Reuven Yunger  QA/RA Manager

Mr. Reuven Yunger
QA/RA Manager

B.Sc Chemical Engineering,
M.Sc. Quality Assurance

 joined the company in 2016 as the head of the division responsible for quality assurance, regulatory affairs and  quality control. Reuven has 25 years of experience in quality engineering and quality management, of which he has worked 15 years in the Degania Medical (acquired by Q Medical Devices). He has previously served in various executive roles in Indigo, Tosaf Compounds and Galtronics.

 Ms. Michal Hofmann HR Director

Ms. Michal Hofmann
HR Director

B.Sc Human services & communication

joined the company in 2018 as the HR manager, responsible for recruitment, welfare, training, salary and benefits. Michal has a vast experience and previously worked for Ness Technologies, Netvision and the Technion.

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