Preventing DVT saves lives.

This is why more hospitals worldwide now use intermittent pneumatic compression to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis) during and after high risk orthopedic surgeries, for obstetric, oncologic and other medical patients, and for all surgeries lasting one hour or more. 

Phlebo Press® DVT systems utilize Mego Afek patented technology – the most innovative on the market today.

Our proprietary methods and materials enable us to provide hospitals with clinically effective DVT prevention, unparalleled ease of use, patient comfort, value and sustainability.

Clinically proven, highly effective.

Phlebo Press® DVT systems deliver the "gold standard" of pneumatic compression therapy-gradient, sequential, circumferential compression – with precise, calibrated pressure profiles and timings that have been clinically proven most effective for maximum increase of venous blood flow volume and velocity in the deep veins of the legs. A variety of garment configurations are available: thigh length, knee length, foot only, and our proprietary foot-calf design.

Easy to use.

  • One button operation: Phlebo Press® DVT All in One automatically identifies connected garments and assigns the optimal pressure and timings. No adjustment or selection needed! Phlebo Press® DVT Model 760D offers single pressure, on/off operation.
  • Easy monitoring: Side lights allow staff to observe system function without disturbing the patient.
  • Long lasting battery: For off-mains use and patient transfers.
  • Over the rail design: Saves space and maintains visibility.
  • Side hose connection: Prevents pressure points and skin breakdown.
  • Universal sizing: No need to measure - one standard size fits most, with additional sizes available for special needs.

Designed for patient comfort.

Studies show that patient acceptance is important for successful adherence to the hospital DVT prevention protocol.  Phlebo Press® DVT garments are made using our proprietary methods and materials, to deliver comfortable, patient-friendly treatment. 

  • Exceptionally soft, light, airy and conforming garments feel great against the skin.
  • Ventilated design to reduce perspiration. 
  • Quiet operation and a smooth, pleasant massage action.


Phlebo Press® DVT uses air and a soft, conforming, inflatable garment (“sleeve”) to apply compression to the leg. This replicates the action of walking and increases blood flow in the deep veins of the legs. The pump is used until the patient is ambulatory or according to physician orders.

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