Ballancer® Gold

Part of our new-generation aesthetic-product line, the Ballancer® Gold  offers new advanced features and new treatment modes including: Pretreatment, Ballancer®, and Intense.

The unique Pretreatment cycle is a primer for the main treatment.
It decongests the trunk first to maximize the results of the following treatment: the Ballancer® or the Intense cycles.

As the sequence progresses, it begins the massage moving lower down the limb.
Once the Pretreatment cycle is over, Ballancer® Gold applies one of the selected cycles:

  • Ballancer® cycle – rapid, superficial and fast peristaltic massage
  • Intense cycle – more intensive, sequential massage

Ballancer® Gold features :

  • Innovative, user-friendly system
  • Enhanced protocol creation and management with new Ballancer® Gold PC software, including easy transfer to the Ballancer® Gold console via USB drive
  • Saves and manages client lists and their individual treatments

Ballancer ® Gold  is compatible with our unique garments:

Read about the Ballancer ® contraindications and warnings here …  

  • Ballancer Gold
  • Pre-treatment, Ballancer®, Intense
  • 20-80 mmHg
  • 6.0 Kg ( 13.2 lbs)
  • 17 x 31x 38 cm (6.7 ''X 12.2'' X 14.9'')
  • 100V-240V 50-60 Hz