Ballancer® 505

With its unique features and simple use, the Ballancer ® 505 is ideal for beauty salons, studios and spas.

The system provides the following treatment modes:
the unique Pre-treatment, Ballancer® and Wave.

  • The Unique Pretreatment cycle, is a primer for the main treatment. It decongests the trunk first, to maximize the results of the treatment session that follows – the Ballancer® or Wave modes. As the sequence progresses, it begins the compression moving lower and lower down the limb.
  • Once the Pretreatment cycle is over, Ballancer® applies one of the-selected peristaltic cycles:
    • Wave cycle – long, deep, and slow peristaltic massage
    • Ballancer® cycle – rapid, superficial and fast peristaltic caresses

Ballancer ® 505 is compatible with our unique garments:

Read about the Ballancer ® contraindications and warnings here …  

  • Ballancer 505 model 1201-AC
  • Pre-treatment, Ballancer®, Wave
  • 20-80 mmHg
  • 14.7 lbs
  • 7.5 ''X 12.2'' X 14.9''
  • 230V 50~60Hz