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Phlebo Press DVT Calf sleeve – Disposable

Phlebo Press DVT® Calf Sleeve is a 4-cell compression garment for the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Compression sequence secures full drainage of venous blood from the deep veins in the treated limb.

NOTE: Single-use compression garments are made of disposable non-allergenic material.

Use Phlebo Press® DVT Calf Seeve with Mego Afek Devices:

Phlebo Press® DVT models 601E ,601J


NOTE: Hospital device to be used in Hospital under medical supervision

Instructions for Wearing the Phlebo Press® DVT Calf Seeve

  1. Wrap over patient leg.
  2. Fasten the Velcro fastener, closing the sleeve as close as possible to the leg, without tightening.


  1. It is recomended to simultaneously operate two Phlebo Press DVT® Calf Sleeves
  2. If only one sleeve is used, plug the air outlet not in use with the 4?prong plug supplied with the pressure device.

Connecting the Hose Bundle

  1. Connect hoses to the Phlebo Press DVT® Calf Sleeve by inserting each hose into the appropriate valve. The end fittings of the hoses are numbered and colored. Always begin by inserting hose number 1 into the valve closest to foot.
    NOTE: Match the colors to connect the air connectors (for ex., Pink Connector to Pink air inlet, Yellow to yellow etc.)
  2. Insert the hose bundle connector into the corresponding air socket receptacles of the device and secure by hearing a locking “Click”

Disconnecting the Hose Bundle

Press the snaps on both sides of the connector and pull out of the device.

Disposal of used garments:

Single-use Calf Sleeves for Phlebo press® DVT are made for a single patient use. It can be used up to two weeks for the same patient. Once treatment is over, the Calf Sleeves are neither reusable nor cleanable .

Availabilty Chart:


Phlebo Press DVT Calf sleeve – Disposable

Phlebo Press DVT Calf sleeve – Disposable