Phlebo Press® DVT 603

Phlebo Press® DVT Model 603 was designed with input from market research (Nurses’ Study, 2013) and has features medical staff requested for easiest and most compliant operation.

Competitive Features:

Phlebo Press® DVT 603 is the easiest and most versatile DVT prevention system on the market today.

It has fully automatic operation, non-tilt over the rail design, and operates intermittent (single) and sequential (four chamber) sleeves with the same console, at pressures specific to each garment type (45 mmHg for thigh and knee high sleeves, 130 mmHg for foot) all at the touch of a single button.

  • Simple one-button operation with automatic sleeve recognition
  • Operates four chamber sequential or economical single chamber sleeves
  • Battery power for up to eight hours of use
  • Stable bed rail mount – For easy nurse access
  • Auditable and visual alarms
  • Choice of single patient use sleeves for short term use, or durable fabric sleeves for long term care


Easy to use! Attach any sleeve type, press START, and the system does the rest.

Read about the Phlebo Press® DVT Indications and Contraindications here …  



  • Phlebo Press® DVT , model 603
  • Sequential and intermittent
  • 45 mmHg and /or 130 mmHg
  • 2.5 Kg / 5.06 lbs
  • 17.6 cm X 22.7cm X 19.7 cm / 6.92 X 8.93 x 7.75 in
  • 90-264 VAC 47-63 Hz