Mego Afek is proud to offer the state of the art pneumatic compression systems for DVT prevention, the Press DVT® line.

A variety of solutions were developed by our in-house R&D team based on our long experience and understanding of the market needs. The user-friendly products are designed to meet the needs of the medical staff and patients alike and offers comprehensive treatment with easy operation and optimal compliance.

We offer a line of devices from a compact, cost-effective product, to the most advanced and versatile systems on the market today. Having this line enables us to offer multiple options to meet different needs in different markets .

Our innovative and unique sleeves offer a revolution in DVT prevention treatment with their unique design, comfort and ease of use.

Having both patients and medical staff in mind, the Phlebo Press DVT® line is the ideal hospital choice!.


Phlebo Press® DVT uses air and a soft, conforming, inflatable garment (“sleeve”) to apply compression to the leg. This replicates the action of walking and increases blood flow in the deep veins of the legs. The pump is used until the patient is ambulatory or according to physician orders.

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